Chair of Bioinformatics

    Summer School 2017

    Modern Methods in Infection Biology

    6th International Summer School

    September 18th - 22nd 2017
    Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, Germany

    The workshop provides a major opportunity for networking with local experts in the field, as well as establishing new networks with international peers.

    Please send your application to: until July 14th 2017

    Programme organisers

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Dandekar

    Dr. U. Rapp-Galmiche

    Programme and speakers

    Details including timeplan:

    18.09.2017 Monday - Trypanosomes

    19.09.2017 Tuesday - Systems Biology of Infection

    20.09.2017 Wednesday - Round table day, discussion and lab visits

    21.09.2017 Thursday - Intracellular S. aureus

    22.09.2017 Friday -  Parasitic Helminths


    Details please see >>Program_details.

    Information for visiting students, please visit here

    More information about Wuerzburg, please visit here


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